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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplement

Evolution Slimming Svetol® pure Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement has been proven to aid fat burning & weight loss because it contains the recommended 50% CGA (chlorogenic acid) necessary for the body to shed fat and reduce weight.

Pure Svetol® Green Coffee Bean extract weight loss supplement

Svetol® is Evolution Slimming’s powerful green coffee bean supplement which has been clinically proven to assist your body to burn fat and reduce weight.

Evolution Slimming has certified that Svetol® has sterling qualities and is simply unmatched in terms of quality and effectiveness. Trial of the product will confirm or otherwise disprove this assertion.

Green coffee bean extract product like Svetol® is a natural plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee rich in active components to make your body healthy and aid weight loss.

 Some of the properties of Svetol® pure Green Coffee Bean Extract are:

  • Obtained from unroasted coffee beans of the Robusta variety (Coffea canephora robusta Pierre), Svetol® possesses a unique composition whose effectiveness has been clinically proven.
  • Svetol®’s specific composition has been studied in detail. Study results demonstrate the presence of accrued Chlorogenic acids.
  • Chlorogenic acids are present in a variety of foods that are consumed daily.  Svetol® has it in abundance.
  • Virtually caffeine free (less than 2%) & is made from decaffeinated beans
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Wheat, nut, soy and gluten free & certified kosher

In a recent study, those who used this product on the average experienced weight loss of up to 5kg (11lbs) within 60 days. You are likely to experience healthy and easy weight loss if you also try Svetol® pure green coffee bean extract weight loss supplement.

As you likely have nothing to lose save for extra stored body fat and excess weight svetol green coffee bean extract may be the tonic your body has been longing for to shed the extra pounds you have been yearning to lose from your body to keep healthy.

Your life comes alive when you get rid of excess fat and eat right to lose weight. Svetol green coffee bean extract adds nothing but pure joy to your life.

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weight loss supplement.