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Tips to keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable

Below are some tips to keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable:

  • Eat low GI foods It is vital that you eat low GI foods as these contain slow releasing carbs which do not spike insulin levels. Slow releasing carbs are harder for the body to break down which means smaller amounts of glucose are released over a period of time. This helps to maintain blood sugar levels which decreases hunger pangs and allows your body to access its fat stores for energy. Click here to read more about Low GI Foods.

Evolution Slimming Tips to keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable

  • Avoid high GI foods High GI foods will spike your insulin levels. As mentioned above a spike in insulin levels leaves you feeling hungry, less energetic, stops your body from burning fat. Click here to read more about high GI foods.
  • Eat small and often Eating 5-6 small meals/snacks a day, every 2-4 hours, is extremely important. It helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and thus, helps to keep a steady flow of insulin in the blood.
  • Eat high fibre snacks Snacks and meals high in fibre (a complex, slow releasing carbohydrate) help to regulate your blood sugar level. Fibre slows down glucose absorption and your rate of digestion which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. Always look out for the fibre content on the nutritional information on foods and ensure that it is higher than the sugar levels. High fibre snacks include wholegrain cereals, nuts and seeds.
  • Never skip a meal Skipping meals lowers your blood sugars and puts your body in to starvation mode. Therefore, when you do eat, your body stores the glucose from foods as fat. If you regularly skip meals, your body does not know when to expect the next meal and will store all food as fat.
  • Plan food ahead It is important to plan your food ahead, especially when you’re away from home and cannot grab a healthy snack as and when you need it. Planning ahead will ensure that you eat healthy snacks and meals at regular intervals to maintain blood sugar levels. You then won’t be tempted to snack on junk food.

Remember – healthy eating is crucial for weight loss, fat loss and long-lasting results. It’s about making a permanent life-style change away from processed, refined, sugary, junk food towards whole, clean, healthy foods. To find out more about how to change and improve your diet, click here to read diet plans for:

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