Losing Weight Requires Determination and Right Attitude

Determination to lose weight and the will to succeed is what you need to lose weight without relapse. Weight loss programs, while good in conception and planning, will not make you to lose weight if you are not determined and ready to do all it will take to lose weight.
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The story below is one of determination to lose weight and attitude; positive attitude towards weight loss.

The woman who was “Britain’s fattest teen” and who had to be lifted out of her house because she was so big has shed 18 stone.

The specially constructed ramp which was used to take Georgia Davis out of her home into a reinforced ambulance

Georgia Davis dropped from 56st to 37st and 4lb, with the 20-year-old determined to “live and be normal” after coming close to death. She was diagnosed with pneumonia in April and spent a week in intensive care.

“(The doctors) told me my organs were failing and I was lucky to be alive,” Miss Davis told The Sun.

“I was scared but also shocked. I never expected it to happen to me, even though I’d put on more weight.”

Miss Davis is now as slim as she has been in four years and is studying nutrition to help her maintain her healthy new diet. She is also in the process of writing a novel.

“I used to comfort eat a lot but now I’m focused again because I just want to live and be normal, ” she said.

“I’ll see where it takes me. I really like where I am at the minute. I know I’m lucky to be alive and now I just want to feel happy with who I am.”

Miss Davis participated in an American boot camp series and lost weight and inches off her waistline.

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